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Revealed: Columbus is finally here!

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Columbus celebrated it’s 200th birthday in 2012, and the firm I am interning with was the project manager of the Bicentennial year.  What does that mean exactly? They managed the entire piece.. yes, the parties, marketing pieces, events… anything you can think of. Every smile that made its way to the faces of people in Columbus and those outside during this year was because of the hard work and collaboration of those who love this city and know what an incredible place it is to live.

I began working at ACP in August, the last quarter of the bicentennial year.  My main focus for the remainder of 2012 was Revealed: Columbus, a book that gives a rare look behind the scenes of everything Columbus.  The book is not about the corporations that call Columbus home, or OSU who dominates the talk of the town during football season.  It isn’t about the politics in the city, or even the politicians themselves.  It isn’t about the skyline, or lack there of.  It is about the beautiful people that make Columbus the place that it is, an open and smart community, unlike any other.  Driving the books back to the office

The last 5 months of my time at my job have been spent coordinating photo shoots, locating photos from event coordinators, attending festivals, meetings, book committee meetings, corresponding with the publisher, making sure there was no underrepresentation, and more, all to get to the point of delivery.  All of this to have a product in hand to show the world what a vibrant place this city is.  Monday was this day for our office.  Monday morning, the books were delivered.  And man, were they beautiful.

The office spent the day reveling in the excitement of finally seeing all of our hard work come to fruition.   Wednesday was the book’s big day.  Revealed: Columbus was being revealed. Wednesday was the last day of the 200th year for Columbus.  And in honor of the Bicentennial year coming to a close, a press conference was held and a time capsule was put together to commemorate the monumental year in our city’s history. Participants from all over the city placed tokens in the capsule for future generations to find, but the most special piece was the book.  100 years from now, those who open the time capsule will be able to take an in depth look into the city they are living in.  They will be able to see the collaboration and innovation that those who came before them possessed and left for them to continue to build upon.

Columbus Underground also posted about the event here.


Below are a few photos of the day.

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